3 Tips On How To Get More From LinkedIn For Your Small Business

If you tend to do many jobs at once you’ll be like many other small business owners out there. You’ll probably deal with sales, customer service, bookkeeping and so much more. This can be pretty challenging. The good news is that when it comes to sales, building your network and working with better clients, LinkedIn can help you achieve more. Here’s some tips on how to get the most out of your profile.

1 – Building your Brand

LinkedIn can help you to build relationships with clients. This is because people tend to only make a purchase from those they trust. Establishing trust in today’s world is not that easy, but LinkedIn is one of the social platforms that can be very effective when it comes to building trust.


Many small business owners find that creating a personal Linkedin profile along with a Linkedin company page works well. This is because the separate profiles allow you to show both your business and yourself in a professional way. This is why it’s essential your personal LinkedIn profile is carefully considered and put together.

2 – Establishing your Authority

When it comes to establishing your authority you need to demonstrate to others that you know what you’re doing or talking about. You can achieve this by sharing resources and content that your clients will value.


When you ensure that the articles you share solve an issue your clients face, they will trust you and want to hear more. You can also provide your opinion on the matter and build even more trust by starting a dialogue, responding to comments on articles, posts or inbox messages.


If you can create your own high quality content, it is possible to publish it as updates or as articles using LinkedIn publisher. This content should be client-focused and of great interest to your potential customers. By showing potential clients your knowledge on the topic and what you can do, you become a trusted authority. This ultimately means that when they need to use a product or a service like yours they will automatically think of you.


Some people are happy to pay for an expert to create and share content for them. This is because they tend to have no time or inclination to do the work themselves.

3 – Building your Network

Many people fail to build a relationship with businesses that have similar clients or services or products. However, doing so can create more trust from new clients. It’s very easy to build your network on LinkedIn as it’s a platform full of professionals from almost every industry.


Reach out to anyone that you trust within your current existing network and keep expanding your connections. Your trusted network may be able to introduce you to similar clients.


The above tips can help you attract more clients, leads and referrals, you just have to get your plan put into action.


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