Brand Evolution vs. Revolution: Which Is Right For You?

You feel inspired after a marketing or trading show. You come away with so many new ideas that you’re considering overhauling your brand altogether… when it may not even be needed.

So, how do we figure out whether our brand needs an evolution or a revolution? And what’s the difference?

An evolution requires small changes to your brand. A revolution means a clean slate and lots of change.

Think about these questions:

  1. What is it that prompted you to consider change? Do you feel your brand doesn’t quite represent what you truly want it to represent? Are you losing money?
  2. Are my customers the same as they were when we first launched the business? Businesses evolve, and so do audiences. The mindset of your customer is most likely very different to what it was when you first launched your business.
  3. How valuable is my company? This may help you consider whether you really want to risk a big revolution or not.

You should now have a rough idea of whether you think your business needs evolution or revolution, or maybe nothing at all. Think about these benefits and risks of shaking things up:



– Fresh look = fresh boost: Launching a new ‘you’ is the perfect opportunity to really market yourself to the press and to possible investors and gain some new customers.

  • A stronger emotional connection: Stepping back and looking at where you can evolve your brand may help you notice some gaping flaws. Fixing these will only help strengthen your emotional connection with your audience.
  • Results: A timely new look + a stronger emotional connection = an increase in sales!



  • Loss of current consumers: Whilst many do react well to change, be prepared that some of your customers won’t.
  • Hidden costs: Stripping your business back and completely starting over can actually cost more than you think. Do your research first.
  • Being reactionary: Don’t make changes for the sake of it!


If you’re considering making changes, always do your research first. More importantly, be patient and wait to see results.

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