How to Elevate Your Branding to the Next Level

How to Elevate Your Branding to the Next Level

Perhaps you are considering a light brand refresh, want to completely redesign your brand identity, or you’re launching a new product or service, and need a compelling brand to present your big idea to consumers.

Either way, we can all agree that good branding is a vital part of a successful business. Today we have a few tips to help you take your branding to the next level and evolve it to work seamlessly in 2024.


Motion design adds dynamism

Motion can be used in brand design and identity, particularly today when the majority of our brand interactions are on digital screens. Kinetic type or logo icons, motion-designed logos, or the way brand stories are presented dynamically for the audience are all options that elevate the experiences consumers have when learning about the unique aspects of your company.

As this trend evolves it is adding more creativity and authenticity to brand identities as companies can use motion to capture the energy and personality that is unique to them. It’s another layer to add to the branding mix. How could motion be used to tell your brand story in a more engaging way?



Consumers like engaging with brands that are genuine and demonstrate authenticity in their communication and marketing.

One of the key ways to achieve this is by using a transparent approach to values, and how products and services are presented to consumers.

This can transcend through the entire brand, including identity, business practices, conversations, and by adding a human element to communications, packaging design, product descriptions, and other brand and product touch points.


Embrace sustainability in design

Consumers now focus on ethical practices, social issues, and the environment and this is an ongoing movement that impacts businesses on every level. Including elements of your sustainable practices in your brand can have a positive impact on public perception.

Brands that are dedicated to important causes, use eco-friendly materials, and have a low carbon footprint, will be noticed and favored by consumers.

When it comes to brand design this can take the form of using less packaging or designing product containers with an eco focus, using recycled material and making elements of your product recyclable after use. Ultimately consumer behavior around the climate and social issues is also reshaping design trends and making a positive difference. Innovations such as zero-packaging products and even edible packaging are now becoming more popular. There may be less space to work with for brand designers but this only leads to more creativity and innovation for on-pack graphics. It’s an exciting time to be thinking about branding and design!


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