Key Influencer Marketing Facts

Digital marketing is not easy. Even seasoned professional digital marketers have difficulty in getting a satisfactory ROI, identifying the correct target market to speak to, and are finding it a challenge to choose the most effective channel to reach your audience.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Basically, influencer marketing is when a brand owner uses an influencer to promote their products across social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Influencers are not top A-list celebrities but are real people with large social media followings who have influence over what your target audience spends their money on.

Some Influencer Marketing Stats That will Convince You to Try This Method of Marketing.

  1. 70% of teens trust influencers more than traditional celebrities and will follow their advice over that of celebrities. They also feel better understood by influencers than even by their friends and engage with these influencers through increasing number of views, actions, and comments across the different social media platforms.
  2. 86% of women use social media for purchasing advice. This is important to know for any brand primarily targeting this audience and these brands range from fashion, beauty and health products, baby and childcare brands, home décor, etc. The preferred platforms for these influencers are Facebook and Instagram, and the key to success is that the influencers are genuine and/or inspirational.
  3. Because of the results influencer marketing is having, many brands in these industries are increasing their budgets to boost brand awareness and reach new audiences.
  4. The influencer marketing industry has expanded and is expected to reach $10 billion in 2020.
  5. With 75% of consumers trusting social networks to guide purchasing decisions, ROI in influencer media is overtaking traditional print media such as newspapers and magazines with their expensive and often inefficient ad buys.
  6. Facebook which has about two billion monthly users across the world, is still the most influential social media channel. But other social media networks are catching up, especially YouTube.

Why you Should Invest in Influencer Marketing

Brands are investing in individuals who have influence in the lives of the people they perceive as their target audience. These influencers engage with followers by saying how much they love this particular brand or product and why. This works well to influence their followers to buy these products. It is working so well in fact, that more than 65% of marketers are increasing their influencer marketing campaign budgets. Look at it as the new way of spreading knowledge of your product by word of mouth from the trusted influencers to their loyal followers.


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