Why More Brands Are Investing In Socially Responsible Content For 2023

Data reported by HubSpot suggests that 89 percent of marketers will invest in social responsibility content in 2023, compared with just 48 percent in 2022. In addition, those who already produce social responsibility content plan to maintain or increase how much they spend on it this year.  


We have previously discussed how more companies are aligning a brand with a trend, issue, or topic as a benefit of a content marketing campaign. As consumers become less brand loyal and more socially aware, engaging in relevant causes is vital to create long-lasting connections.


It is particularly true for millennials and Gen Z, who want brands to take a stance on important social issues. As we have covered in another article: social credentials influence millennial purchases. As a result, brands are concentrating more on inclusive activities, promotions, and products, while marketers highlight causes or missions they support through social media and other outlets.


While it might not result in immediate sales, it is effective as a brand-building exercise and connecting with consumers while standing for a cause your company supports. Netflix offers benefits to support its employees and families, with 52 weeks of paid parental leave available to the birth parent and non-birth parent. 


Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, has stood up against social issues and anti-Muslim comments from then-President Donald Trump. Meanwhile, Coca-Cola is focused on sustainability, packaging, and agriculture to help create a world without waste. This approach to content reflects a movement in society for more diversity and inclusion within the workplace, marketing, and media, plus greater awareness of environmental issues.


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