4 Ways Mr. Clean’s “Clean Freak” Capitalizes On Clean

4 Ways Mr. Clean’s “Clean Freak” Capitalizes On Clean

Have you heard of Mr. Clean’s strong new product line that’s accurately labeled “Clean Freak?” Unless you run a cleaning business, are obsessed with manually degerming your own quarters or an obsessive Target shopper (who isn’t?) you may not be super familiar with this product. However, that’s totally okay—and that’s kind of why this new brand venture works for Mr. Clean.


We’re delving into why this product is not necessarily “making waves” but masterfully riding the waves the Mr. Clean brand has been creating for years. Let’s start by detailing what Mr. Clean’s Clean Freak product is: an all-in-one, tough, and convenient cleaning mist that comes in a variety of scents. So, why the name “clean freak?” Why not just label this product as Mr. Clean’s magic mist? First, that sounds kind of woo-woo, and second, it would be losing the opportunity to capitalize on branding potential. Here are four reasons why “Clean Freak” is the perfect label for this branding branch-off from Mr. Clean:


  • It’s Catchy


o   The term “clean freak” has been around for ages! But, it is by no means old. The term has a massive following on Instagram and Pinterest. Look up any variation of the “clean freak” hashtag, and you’ll find funny memes, expert advice from germophobes and a plethora of tips on getting things all kinds of clean.


  • It’s Politically Correct


o   It’s essential for brands to keep a politically correct mindset, and honestly, it shouldn’t be difficult. However, brands do make careless mistakes. And while the term “freak” may set off red flags, it’s not a term that can be deemed negative in this light. This is a product FOR those intense cleaners who want something that works well and fast. This product let’s clean freaks embrace and celebrate their nature.


  • It’s Relatable…and convenient.


o   Everyone has to clean. Not everyone is excellent at it. However, the term “clean freak” can grab even the most right-brained slob and let them feel that cleanliness is just a spritz or two away! Plus, who doesn’t need help in keeping their homes germ free? As more and more millennials tackle their to-do lists with the help of Task-Rabbit and Amazon Prime, hiring a house-cleaner is still a luxury many are doing without right now. Buyers are looking to put in some elbow grease, but keep things cost-efficient and easy. There is even a “Clean Freak Starter Kit” for newbie homeowners and newbie home-cleaners.


In all, the Clean Freak product is light-hearted and accessible—plus, it gets the job done. There are already tons of reviews, for every Clean Freak scent, echoing the same positive sentiments that the Mr. Clean brand has been known to accrue over the years.


So, how does this apply to your business? Well, is your business creating an extension of itself or releasing a product aimed at tying up more individuals into your brand family? Don’t skimp on the name. Think it through—and keep it clean. As always, get in touch with our creative team at Visual Caffeine to start your branding foot off right!

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