How to Captivate People with Your Personal Brand

Until recently you impressed people who met you in person when you made a speech, or at a conference you attended. Today, there are so many effective online strategies to promote your personal brand. Let’s see how.

Your Online Strategy

Chances are when someone hears about you or is about to meet you, they will Google your name and see what you are about. You have just one chance to make an impact, be it about your career, achievements, or track record. So take it!

Faced with so many digital options, you may get overwhelmed. Don’t! Start with LinkedIn as it is a strong network that is well supported by Google and gives you an excellent portal to showcase yourself. Then take it from there. Remember to impress, be pleasant and sincere!

There’s only one you, now’s the chance to show them!

Work on your uniqueness and use this as the chance to show what you are made of. To do so, find that unique appeal of yours, and bring it home to the reader. Let them know what makes you different, and don’t fear to promote yourself a little bit.

Be consistent with online and offline personas by translating your personality into online form, your jovial outlook, or friendly nature, as people see when they meet you face to face? We are saying try and keep your online and offline personas consistent, so when someone meets you one day, they know you already.

Keep growing your Network

Think strategically about how you want to grow your network, and where you would like to focus. By joining a select group, using Linkedin to open doors, or becoming a renowned expert in a topic, all these tactics will help grow your sphere of influence.

Put others first. This is not the place for showing off. It’s about giving others value, establishing what they want and giving them service while building relationships. Ask questions, show interest, and provide the answers they are looking for. Most of all keep the door open to chats, responding with enthusiasm, building your contact list.

Lastly don’t be scared that some people won’t like you for being yourself. You can’t be friends with everybody! Don’t sit on the fence. Wishy-washy is no good. Not everyone has the same opinion as you, especially when you have a strong stance.

Go forth and stick that chest out and let the world know who you really are!

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