Top 3 TikTok Algorithm Theories

With 689 million active users worldwide, TikTok’s popularity has grown rapidly since its arrival in 2016. And, like many other social media platforms, it uses a recommendation algorithm that personalizes each user’s #ForYou feed. This algorithm has generated keen interest into how TikTok determines what we see, and whether we can use what we know about it to our advantage. Whilst you can’t trick the system, there are a number of emerging theories that could help enhance your engagement, increase your following, and go viral. Here are the top 3 to test out and make the most of your space on this platform.


Artificial Intelligence Wants to Help You Go Viral.


Like other social media platforms, TikTok uses artificial intelligence to analyze content for dangerous or graphic videos before releasing, but they could also be using AI to decide whether your content is going to go viral. The speculation is, AI has determined over time that we want to see high-quality, beautiful images on our screens, so that’s what we’ll see more of. Using this knowledge to produce premium quality videos and visually pleasing clips could upgrade your content reach and viewing completion rate. 


Engagement is Everything.


Likes, comments, and shares are going to help feed into TikTok’s algorithm. As soon as your video is posted it’s shown to a small number of your own followers. If it does well, this number gets increased until the algorithm spots potential in your content. When your video has good engagement metrics such as viewers downloading and sharing your video, TikTok will keep showing your video to more and more people, eventually moving to the #ForYou pages where viewings can skyrocket. 


Consistency is Key.


Successful accounts on TikTok all have one thing in common: They are consistent. This extends to how frequently they post, how the content is composed, and almost all of the accounts have managed to adopt a niche. Consistent content helps other Tiktocker’s find your profile and may choose to follow you knowing what type of content you will be generating. Whilst consistency may not be tricking the algorithm, it’s undeniably increasing your engagement and attracting new followers, making your TikTok account a success. 


Whilst TikTok’s algorithm theories are not a magic bullet, they can help influence the quality of your content, as well as its reach and engagement. However, the greatest way to build a successful profile on TikTok is to create funny, informative, relatable content that speaks to the bulk of the audience on TikTok, Gen Z. 


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