6 Biggest Social Media Trends For 2022

6 Biggest Social Media Trends For 2022

There are a number of emerging trends set to dominate social media in 2022. The Covid-19 pandemic and growth in digital life has further accelerated the power of the consumer.  The underlying theme is that consumers want more personalized content, delivered faster than before, giving them a better overall experience.  


Brand’s that listen to this underlying demand and deliver what consumers want will outperform the market. Here’s the top 8 trends to watch out for in 2022. 

  • Simplified shopping via Social channels 

More people are buying online than ever. Covid accelerated this move even further. Social is already used for selling products, think Instagram links to clothing products, for example. But now platforms are working even more on refining social selling, removing boundaries and making it even easier to click and buy directly from a social feed.  

  • Influencer marketing becomes more responsible 

Influencer marketing has become more regulated and many influencers themselves have taken greater responsibility, seeing the negative impact on others who have broken their contracts with consumers. Expect to see brands working with influencers more closely, and producing bigger and better campaigns.

  • TikTok’s growth to continue 

TikTok has surged in popularity and is becoming more dominant in the social media space. We can expect other platforms to continue to try to adopt their features to copy some of TikTok’s success as they already have done in 2021. 

  • Content changes post-covid 

Always on. Bitesize chunks. This sums up the way a lot of online content has been consumed over the last two years.Tastes in content have changed and now brands will need to cater to the new demands. 

  • Cross channel engagement 

Consumers now jump from one social platform to another. The result is content sharing and content diffuse across multiple channels. Having a presence across multiple apps is now important for most brands. 

  • Social issues and power of the crowd 

Brands will have a bigger voice in social change in the future, but that’s only because they will be representing the voices of those who engage with them. For 2022, brands should take action on the social causes that matter to their audiences. Consumers have a voice, amplified by huge global social communities. Brands now have to listen. 


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