What Happens When Your Brand and Culture Are Mismatched, and How Can You Successfully Align Your Brand and Your Culture?

A lot of business culture today has a heavy emphasis on employee benefits or creating a more enticing environment to work: pool tables, bean bags, break out areas and so on.

However, as many top companies have proven (including Amazon), aligning your brand with a strong company culture involves so much more than this simple approach. Let’s take a look at how to solve  3 of the most common problems we can come across in trying to align our brand with our culture.


PROBLEM 1 – Disconnect between your employees and your customers

Do you know if your employees are correctly marketing your products to potential customers? They need to understand your products more than anybody else. After all, they are selling them.


SOLUTION 1 – ‘Test-and-learn’

Introduce a ‘test-and-learn’ system amongst your employees. When you want to launch new products, ask your employees to test drive them before they get released to the public.


PROBLEM 2 Disconnect between your employees and your brand

Your employees need to truly understand your brand. Without that understanding, your brand message will never be fully communicated to your audience.


SOLUTION 2 – Identify your brand aspirations

Spend some time identifying your brand aspirations. What do you want your brand to be known for? Fast service? High quality? Low prices?

After you’ve figured this out, you can start to identify the values that your company and your employees should embrace.


PROBLEM 3 – Loss of money

Focusing too much on creating an attractive environment at work can create a big dent in your company’s cash flow. Step back and think: Do I really need to invest in that ping pong table and games room?


SOLUTION 3 – Align your brand with your culture!

If all of your employees are aligned under the same beliefs, you will have an unstoppable team. Make sure your company culture matches what you want your customers to see from you as a brand. That is the key.


Aligning your brand with your culture guarantees a higher-quality team of employees. Is your brand aligned with your company culture?

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