How To Create A Unified Brand

Although the term “unified brand” may not be well known, the most successful companies have always managed to achieve it.

Your brand is being seen by a wider audience than just consumers. Branded content helps others learn about you and what you stand for, including investors, stakeholders, possible business partners, influencers, and more.

The tough aspect is that, despite the fact that each of these audiences has different goals, they all engage with your material, from employer brand content to consumer-facing advertisements, whether or not it is intended for them.

Because of this, having a strong, unified brand is actually one of your best attributes. Your varied audiences will pay attention when your brand’s “DNA,” or the narrative of who you are and the values that guide you, remains constant throughout all messages.

To significantly improve brand recognition, reach, trust, and ultimately marketing effect, great businesses have always harmonized their messaging across audiences.

Here are a few tips on how to keep your brand unified across all content no matter who the intended audience is. 

Be distinct

Create a distinctive motto, color palette, and logo. Informative, straightforward, and honest customer and staff anecdotes can provide distinctive content that is specific to your own brand. This makes you stand out and makes sure people can recognize your brand messages right away.

Be consistent

Apply your inventive, distinctive branding to all of your communications once you’ve created it. Your website, products, social media presence, and advertising should all have an iconic, instantly identifiable feel to them.

Be on

You have developed a daring and distinctive creative brand look and feel. It’s been used in all of your communications tools and products. Now it’s time to make sure your audience sees it as frequently as you can.

Campaigns with several live updates that are always active outperform others that are infrequently updated. Your brand will become remembered the more frequently your audience engages with it. Conversely, a lack of exposure weakens the effect. You will be remembered when your messaging is consistent and repeated frequently.

Be balanced

By distributing your sponsored and organic content equally, you can help your audience discover tailored paid content that encourages them to go back and engage further with your organic content.

The impact of both sponsored and organic content increases when they convey the same, consistent message. People that interact with your organic content will subsequently easily identify your distinctive branding in adverts.

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