Review Your Marketing Strategy: 6 Questions You Should Ask

Schedule it out. Put it into your agenda. Mark it down in your notes. You should be reviewing the effectiveness of your marketing on a constant basis. Think you can just set it and forget it for the year? Think again. Here’s what you should ask about your own marketing decisions on a regular basis.


Are You Reaching Your Goals?

Put actual numbers to the marketing you are doing. Is it getting you closer to your goals? Is it tracking well for the time you have left in the year? If you have several channels of marketing, measure them against one another. See which are getting you closer to your ultimate plan for your business.


Is Everything Working As It Should?

This isn’t just a “what’s broken” type of question. You can also take a look at which strategies are working well. Celebrate the wins when you get them. More than that, you can target your efforts on the methods that are letting you down and fix them before another 6 months pass with unreliable, ineffective marketing.


Is The Data Telling You Something?

Your data doesn’t lie, deceive, or mislead you into thinking that everything is peachy and good. Those numbers are very black and white about telling you what you should do. Listen to the data.


Do We Need To Revise Our Plan?

They say that every plan is tested in the first point of conflict. Even with the most perfect plan, things can still go wrong. If your evaluation shows that marketing isn’t doing what it should, ask if you should revise your first plan. Maybe plan B is better. And you won’t know it until you are open to the idea that you should change the plan now.


What Should We Tell the Team?

Share your performance with everyone, including the big boss. If you stay proactive, detecting problems early, capitalizing on success, you come across as an effective team member. Who do you need to tell today about your marketing evaluation?


Am I Getting Better at This?

The more you measure, the better you manage. As you make your next plans, you can use your dissection of the marketing strategy from last time to improve. Think of each evaluation as a chance to learn how to do your job better.

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