The Magic Ingredient: Putting Emotion into Content Writing

We know buyers have a multitude of needs that require satisfaction when looking to purchase a brand. Marketing 101 is about understanding what buyers want. This understanding will point you to the all-encompassing brand story you end up telling, which in turn develops the loyalty and satisfaction of your buyers. Their questions are addressed by providing the content they are looking for and delivering it through your marketing strategy. Buyers are being more demanding and taking more time to carry out their research than before.

  • The economic downturn has given buyers a reason to be extra sure they are spending wisely, executing thorough pre-purchase research more carefully than ever before.
  • They look a cross-section of content from multiple vendors, making comparisons about competitive products
  • They are looking for that special connection that is going to answer their needs.

But hang on! How do we add value to content?

Buyers need to be captivated. So, how do we spice up content writing and how do we make our content stand out?

Standard factual content offering business value, as detailed as it may be, is not enough. Facts alone do not do the job. Content and messaging needs to hit the heart of the buyer, by telling a story and drawing them into the brand using emotion. The aim is to drive their choice towards your brand by showing how you can meet their needs in an inspirational way.

How does storytelling add value to content writing?

The addition of creative storytelling gets to the hearts of buyers. The added emotion adds relevance, bringing the content to life. It can make a basic product seem exciting. This strategy has been consistently overlooked in B2B marketing leading to boring copy.

By adding this element, B2B marketers will succeed in stirring up the thoughts, feelings, and behavioral responses of buyers, adding a degree of pleasure to the research at the purchase stage. By incorporating these human elements into your content, you will go far in helping your business products or services become the first choice of buyers.


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